Best internet provider in San Jose 2021: Top ISPs

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Table of Contents The three best internet providers in San Jose Best availability Best cable connection Best satellite connection How we found the best internet providers in San JoseSan Jose internet FAQ What internet provider is the best in San Jose? How do I find out what internet providers are […]

Internet costs in San Jose come close to the California state average of about $50 a month. In San Jose, customers can receive services from large companies like AT&T and Xfinity as well as smaller companies like HughesNet. Regardless of the size of the company, when shopping for San Jose internet service, you should also compare download speeds, data offerings, monthly prices, package deals, customer service, and more. In this review, we have selected the top three internet providers in San Jose so you can make a selection with as much information as possible. Read on if you’re in the market for new internet service in San Jose, or if you’re looking to make a change for your next contract.

The three best internet providers in San Jose

  • AT&T – Best availability
  • Xfinity – Best cable connection
  • HughesNet – Best satellite connection
AT&T Xfinity HughesNet
Defining trait Greatest availability throughout all neighborhoods Cheapest prices for high-speed cable connection Satellite connection and starter deals
Connection type DSL & Fiber Cable Satellite
Download speeds (Mbps) Up to 1,000 Mbps for fiber and 100 Mbps for DSL Up to 1,000 Mbps with cable 25 Mbps for satellite
Prices starting at $50 $20 $59.99
Contract length 12 months 12 months 12- or 24-month contracts
Data cap 1000 GB 1000 GB 10 GB – 50 GB plans

All information accurate as of 02/21/2020.

Best availability



AT&T services more than 97% of San Jose, California, making it the largest provider in the area. With AT&T, most users can choose from packages ranging in download speeds, but the average for most neighborhoods is 50 Mbps. With AT&T in San Jose, the best cost savings come from choosing bundle packages with both TV and internet.

  • Price: Starting at $50 per month
  • Speed and Data: Average speeds in San Jose are 50 Mbps
  • Plans/Packages: Internet only and added TV bundles for up to $20 in monthly savings
  • Contract Options: Minimum 12-month contract

AT&T is a great option for families in the San Jose area who are average internet and TV users. Prices start at $50 per month, which is the standard internet bill for most families in California. With AT&T however, your price stays the same if you’re using a standard DSL connection.

For San Jose residents where AT&T’s fiber option is available, fiber provides upwards of 1,000 Mbps in download speeds for a slightly higher cost.

Best cable connection



Xfinity offers San Jose internet services via a cable connection at highly competitive prices. Internet service starts as low as $20 per month, though you could spend $80 for up to 1,000 Mbps of download speed. Overall, Xfinity offers affordable options for high-speed cable connection.

  • Price: Starting at $20 per month (based on current promotions)
  • Speed and Data: Average speeds in San Jose are 60 Mbps
  • Plans/Packages: Choose Internet based on download speed and build-your-own package with TV, phone, and home security
  • Contract Options: Minimum 12-month contract

Xfinity is available across almost 97% of San Jose, so it’s nearly as widespread as AT&T. With Xfinity however, you can only choose a cable connection — although that translates to some of the highest-speed download options outside of fiber connection.

With Xfinity, you’re also able to build your own bundle and there aren’t any confusing package options to sort through. To use Xfinity, you simply choose the speed you want, numbers of desired channels if you’re including TV, and choose if you want to add-on phone lines and home security.

Best satellite connection



Satellite internet is a great option if your location limits your internet speed and connectivity options. HughesNet’s San Jose internet service is ideal for residents living in some of the neighborhoods toward the outskirts of San Jose and closer toward the state parks and nature preserves.

  • Price: Plans starting at $59.99
  • Speed and Data: Choose from 10-50 GB of data at 25 Mbps
  • Plans/Packages: Four plan options based on data usage
  • Contract Options: 24-month contract if you’re leasing equipment

Satellite internet creates a more reliable connection that you can count on. This is especially helpful if you work from home or rely on a lot of downloads throughout the day. With HughesNet, you pick your package based on the data you’ll use rather than the speeds. Across each package, HughesNet offers 25 Mbps of download speeds. Regardless of the data plan you choose, once you hit your maximum data allowance, your speeds will just be throttled, but you’ll still be able to use the internet.

The only caveat to HughesNet is that you’ll likely need to lease the satellite equipment. You do have the option to purchase your own, but it can be very pricey. When leasing, you’ll pay an extra $9.99 per month for the equipment, which requires a 24-month contract.

How we found the best internet providers in San Jose

We chose AT&T, Xfinity, and HughesNet as the top three internet providers in San Jose. To make this decision, we evaluated each company based on the following factors, taking into consideration the unique needs of residents throughout San Jose:

  • Coverage Each provider we chose had high coverage throughout San Jose, meaning they offer internet services for a majority of residents. We wanted to make sure that we were reviewing companies that any reader could benefit from, regardless of their location.
  • Value Different customers will have different priorities as they’re searching for internet providers, so we evaluated providers based on various value points. This includes internet speed, packages and bundles, contract lengths, and data caps.
  • Customer Satisfaction We evaluated companies based on customer satisfaction using authentic sources like the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and J.D. Power survey. Online scores for customer satisfaction tend to be low on average within the industry, so we compared to national averages to get a more accurate picture.

San Jose internet FAQ

What internet provider is the best in San Jose?

AT&T is the best internet provider in San Jose based on availability, pricing, and speeds. Customers will likely pay an average of $50 per month for speeds around 50 Mbps.

How do I find out what internet providers are in my area?

Our top three picks for internet service — AT&T, Xfinity, and HughesNet — are available to nearly 98% of San Jose. Other providers include Frontier, Spectrum, Viasat, and EarthLink, though these companies have more limited availability.

How do I get EarthLink internet?

EarthLink internet has limited availability throughout San Jose, but it does offer some DSL connectivity options. To get EarthLink internet, you can ask for a quote online or call your closest EarthLink representative.

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